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Container Gardening

First day of Spring has arrived, along with a freeze warning for North Mississippi and a snowstorm for a number of northern cities. But, it is Spring so let us rejoice! I was in New Orleans this past week and spotted some great container gardens.  Most houses are on postage-stamp-sized lots providing just enough room… Continue reading Container Gardening

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Is There a Bustle in Your Hedgerow?

We’ve had quite a bustle in our hedgerow this weekend. After I added an extra bird feeder near the azaleas, the neighborhood birds have been feasting like crazy.  Cardinals, Titmouse, Yellow Finch, House Finch, Dark-eyed Junco, Towhee and more have made my yard their dining room. Placing the feeder near the hedgerow of azaleas provides… Continue reading Is There a Bustle in Your Hedgerow?