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Fall Weather Gardening

Wow, I can’t believe it is almost Fall.

Well, technically it’s not here until the end of September, but that’s a month away.  Have you thought about your Fall garden yet?

I have to confess I am a little late this year regarding my garden. I started  my summer garden very late because the weather was annoying me and I planned a trip with no one to help me with seedlings while I was gone. Consequently, I have only a small amount of Romaine Lettuce, Basil that didn’t grow well and Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes that only produced 3 little tomatoes. Sigh!

My lawn care professionals (who I plan to fire this week) sprayed my garden area with weed killer without consulting me. They were only supposed to help my husband with the front lawn issues but went too far. So I could not plant in my garden. I used a large container for my small garden which failed me.

The weather forecast for my neck of the woods (North Central Mississippi) calls for wet and warm this Fall, and cold this Winter. So what will I grow? And where?

I plan to grow Chocolate Cherry Tomatoes again. They will go into the center of my planter which I will surround with organic Mesclun. I love this little variety of greens. They are easy to grow and taste lovely. Plus the variety of colors and textures beautifies a little garden.

Lettuce in a window box

I also bought Snowbird Pea seeds which I’m starting soon. There is a spot along my garden wall which gets constant sunlight during the Fall months. I’ll need to renourish the soil before planting. It’s mostly clay over there from fill dirt when the wall was built. Snowbird Peas take about 60 days to harvest. I love them cooked into stir-fry and raw on salads. Yum!

If I can convince myself to purchase another planter I’d like to plant spinach and broccoli. I’ve had luck with them in a planter in the past. We eat a lot of both so growing it would be budget friendly.

Wondering what to plant this time of year in Zone 7?  Click here for a chart.

And Zone 8 growers, find your growing chart here.

Zone 9, along the Gulf Coast and Florida, here’s your growing chart.


2 thoughts on “Fall Weather Gardening

  1. So sorry- That guy should be spoken to for spraying herbicide at will-At least reported to licensing department. Read about the effects and your hair will stand on end.
    It’s lethal to most wild life and let’s not discuss humans.
    Someone around here sprayed close to the lake and the DEC was all over them.
    Great idea to plant in containers even if disappointing results.
    I hope that you find a smarter gardener.

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