Birds · Wildlife


The Chickadees have moved out of the bird box which should relieve the Bluebirds  who have kept watch on it.

The Bluebird couple have been back scoping out the now vacant house. I’ve seen them do this for a few days: Mr & Mrs will fly around the box, Mr will hang on the neighbor’s rooftop while Mrs continues to fly from tree to tree and then to the top of the box. Then they leave.

Today I spotted them again. Mr went to the neighbor’s roof to watch the area. Mrs few about, then to the top of the box, then inside.  She hung onto the hole and looked in for a good look first…maybe 30 long seconds but then she went in.  After a short while, I saw her watching out of the hole.

Moments later she stuck her head out and stayed there for almost a minute looking straight ahead. Was she watching me?

Lucky for me I had a camera handy. She flew out of her box when my husband and dog opened the porch door to come outside and join me.

I guess the Bluebirds have finally claimed it.

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