Bird Box

I’ve been watching, for about 2 weeks, the bird box in my back yard.  I got it several years ago at the Bird Fest in Fairhope. I actually had 2 and put one up on a tree at the house in Fairhope. It was home to to a family of sweet birds.

This box sat in my garage and I finally put it to use this year in Oxford. It sits atop my brick garden wall, probably 7 feet up from the patio. A Chickadee family moved in and have been quite active, in and out of the box.

One day a Bluebird, which seem plentiful in  my neighborhood, sat on the wall beside the box for about half of an hour. It perched beside it, on top of it, at my roof’s gutters just a few feet away, then back beside it.  Chickdees flew in an out and the Bluebird simply watched the activity then flew away. DSCN8157

The Chickadees are fast so as I’ve sat in my yard, patiently, with my camera I have not been able to get a picture of them…until today.  I saw movement inside the box at the opening. Lots of movement so I snapped a few pictures, successfully.


More bird news: Robins are nesting in my Crepe Myrtle. Robins nest crepe myrtle.jpg

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