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How to Make Red Clover Tea

Just look around you … red clover is everywhere! The State Flower of Vermont has covered the South in waves of crimson.

Red clover is a powerful herb and makes a tasty tea. What is it good for?

Used topically, it has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties because it is said to contain salicylic acid. Use on cuts, sores and burns, and for eczema and psoriasis.

red clover.jpg

Internally, it helps to both thin and purify blood so don’t use it in tea before a scheduled surgery or if you are on prescription blood thinners.  And depending on who you talk to, red clover contains substances with anti-cancer properties.  It is also said to help alleviate hot flashes but, caution, it can act as a phytoestrogen which can exacerbate other female issues.

But, regardless of all of these things, red clover is a beautiful field or yard covering and makes a great tea.

So, who wants to harvest some red clover with me?

Red Clover Tea Recipe

Cut a handful of red clover and set on paper to dry for a few days. Or, you can tie the clover in a bunch and hang upside-down to dry. Once dried, crumble some clover into a tea ball infuser and steep in hot water to a desired strength. Enjoy.


Disclaimer (because I have to): I am not a chemist, herbalist or health care professional. I ask questions and research in books and on the internet and write what I learn for both information and entertainment value. If you have any doubts about drinking red clover tea, then listen to your instincts or ask your doctor. If you drink it and get sick, don’t blame me…I didn’t tell you to drink it.

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