Driving around Tupelo, MS you would think a plane dropped Buttercup seeds all over town. Yellow fields everywhere, thick with Buttercups, waved at me on this windy day.

buttercup field

What a beautiful sight for me since Buttercup is my favorite little flower.

It’s a happy colored flower with a cute leaf and stands tall on its long stem. A confident flower. So confident that legend tells us if you put a Buttercup under your chin and your chin turns yellow then you like butter.  It’s empirical evidence that you definitely like butter and this flower does not lie.

As a kid, I always liked playing with the buttercups. My friends and I would stick them under each others chins. I always turned yellow and I do like butter. But really, you don’t have to like butter if your chin turns yellow. Mom told me, when I was little, that the sunlight reflects the yellow onto your chin and that’s how it works.

So why then, did Cambridge Physicists have to recently study why chins turn yellow? Didn’t their moms teach them about reflection?


There is another legend of Buttercups. It claims that fairies are responsible for them springing up in fields. The legend tells that a group of fairies saw an old miser, with a sack of gold, crossing a field. They asked him for alms and, feeling greedy, he refused to share. Before he was able to start back on his way, the fairies, out of spite, took a blade of grass and cut a hole in his sack. As the he crossed the field, his coins dropped out of the bag, scattering among the grass. Where the coins fells, Buttercups grew.

So maybe it wasn’t a plane that dropped seeds all over Tupelo; maybe it was fairies.


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