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Container Gardening

First day of Spring has arrived, along with a freeze warning for North Mississippi and a snowstorm for a number of northern cities.

But, it is Spring so let us rejoice!

I was in New Orleans this past week and spotted some great container gardens.  Most houses are on postage-stamp-sized lots providing just enough room for the house, a parking pad (if you’re lucky) and maybe a patio around back.  Many houses, too,  have a street-front facade hiding a lovely courtyard garden.  While I couldn’t get into any of these on this trip, I did get a good look at how most people garden: with containers.

Container gardening in small spaces is great because you can position your plants where the sun shines without having to hammer out the concrete driveway.  When the weather is too cold for your particular plant, container gardens are easy to move indoors or at least closer to the house for protection from damaging frost or freeze.

Containers don’t have to be fancy or match in size or color. They can be anything you want, actually, from a traditional flower pot planter, to a pair of shoes, buckets, mason jars, a wagon…use your imagination if you like the eclectic.  Just be sure to maintain enough water for your plants. Small containers tend to dry out quickly during hot, hot days. And, unless the container has a hole in the bottom, it can fill up with water, which during a heavy rain spell could drown your plants. Keep an eye on them.

Container garden of tropicals and cactus
You can also hang your containers. Ferns, flowers, vining plants and some vegetables can grow from hanging containers

Small-space and no-space gardeners find ways to beautify their front yards, too.

I threw this photo in for fun but…note the containers on the porch.

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