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Is There a Bustle in Your Hedgerow?

We’ve had quite a bustle in our hedgerow this weekend.

After I added an extra bird feeder near the azaleas, the neighborhood birds have been feasting like crazy.  Cardinals, Titmouse, Yellow Finch, House Finch, Dark-eyed Junco, Towhee and more have made my yard their dining room.

Placing the feeder near the hedgerow of azaleas provides safety from the large preditor birds. The little ones can grab a seed and head to the bushes to crack it open. They take turns returning to the limited perches. This activity causes quite a bustle.

A squirrel visited the feeders this afternoon and upset the feeding frenzy. Birds scattered but returned in groups and ignored the squirrel. It fed for a moment then scampered on.

My dog is a birdwatcher. She neither chases them nor bothers their activities and the birds that visit my yard are used to her hanging around. I only worry about the neighborhood cats finding out there is a plethora of meal options in my yard. We’ve had a ferel cat issue in the neighborhood. The cats appear to be gone now but you never know when one is spying on the birds.  I’ve seen limber felines quickly snatch a feathered friend from its dinner table. It wasn’t pretty; caused quite a bustle with the other birds. And the downside to feeders near a hedgeDSCN7598row is that a cat can sneak in and watch before an attack.

So far, the birds have been fine. Maybe my dog should spend more time outside to protect them.  She likes hanging out in the azaleas hedgerow and often digs a spot, bustling the dirt to prime it for a cool spot to lay down on.  Quite a sight.

Well, now you know what goes on in my yard. Is there a bustle in your hedgerow?



2 thoughts on “Is There a Bustle in Your Hedgerow?

    1. I used the Kaytee Songbird mix. In the birdhouse looking feeder the bottom layer has a lot of millet in it from what is left of the Kaytee Select Blend. I have a Nyger sock and I’ve blended Nyger and the Songbird mix in the long tube feeder. Oh, I have to refill everyday. It’s crazy. I’m thinking of ditching the sock because it’s hard to refill and just use another Nyger-style feeder. Thanks for asking.

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