Vegetable Gardening

Saving Peppers

We have recently entered frost season. My garden has lasted well into November with azaleas, chrysanthumums, hostas and impatiens still in bloom.  My vegetables consist of onions and Tabasco peppers. The onions will last all winter; they usually do, but my pepper plant is huge

wpid-cam03930.jpgand still filled with green peppers, and all shades of orange and red, and many, many flowers still trying to bud.  The frost would have been devistating, I think, but here is what I did:

  1. picked all of the red and orange peppers since they needed to be harvested anyway,
  2. pulled the plant out of the ground and plant into a large pot with fresh soil,
  3. brought the pot onto the covered porch, and out of the frosting area.  I kept it close to the brick wall of the house which is usually a relatively warm spot from being in the sunlight during the day,
  4. covered the plant every freezing night with a linen bed sheet, and
  5. I did not water the plant during this time so the dirt wouldn’t freeze around the roots.

I think I saved it.  I am hoping to allow the green peppers, at least 100 strong at this time, to ripen so I can use them.

Now, I can’t find any story on the internet of anyone making pepper jelly out of Tabasco peppers, but a friend of mine and I has aspirations of doing so.  The peppers I have harvested so far are mostly dried on my covered back porch and I understand I can soak them before cooking them down to make the jelly.

To be continued …

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