Landscape Gardening

How Did That Get There???

Sometimes the unexpected appears in  your garden. You thought you planted tulips from bulbs a friend gave you and you got daffodils.  The mums you thought died a few years ago suddenly resurface, because you really didn’t take the time to remove the plant from the garden.

For me, while I labored over taking out every creeping charlie rhizome I could find, the plant resurfaced a month later in my yard, just a few feet from the stone flanked garden bed surrounding my house where I took out the last of this nuisance plant. Sigh! Gardening is just as thankless as housework, except you do get flowers and an occasional edible thingy.

I’ve been busy with my career lately and haven’t taken the time to inspect my plants. I found some interesting things.

  1. My dog has dug around the azaleas that are in front of the high part of the stone wall. What she has done for me is located a mole removal sonic spike.  I need to check it for the battery. All the others surrounding the house have new batteries.  My dog also displaced some dirt and mulch so I’ll have to replace it so there doesn’t appear to be a hole in the bushes.
  2. Out of my hydrangias is a poke weed which appears to be lunch for a little bug. Good for him, I’ve never tried the greens; may never.  All that poke weed reminds me of is Elvis saying “Gator’s got your Granny, CHOMP!” so I haven’t had a desire to try them. Many leaves are already chewed away but there still are several and the purple berries are dangling. I’ll need to remove this carefully so I throw out the bug along with the plant.  A violent yanking to get the plant out of the ground my displace the varmit and then it will find another plant to eat. I just wish there was a bug to eat all of the kudzy leaves over the back wall.
  3. I drove past the back of my house (it backs up to a major roadway) and saw that vines/weeds are taking over the brick.  This is not going to be an easy job getting them removed because the wall is very high on the other side. The ground is covered with bug and snake infested kudzu (just not the type that eats it) and I don’t want to walk in that mess so we will probably have to take a ladder on our yard-side of the wall and figure out a way to remove the growth from the wall.
  4. A cute little red flower appeared in my garden bed. Do you know what it is, other than cute?

What’s grown up in your garden that you hadn’t put there?

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