New House, New Garden

I moved into my new house in March of this year (2015) and it was nicely landscaped. I knew there would be some flowering plants and I knew that there was plenty of room for improvement. What I didn’t know was where the sun and the shade would be and when.

It is now June, exactly 3 months after I moved in. The yard still has its own character but we made a few additions and changes. I’ve learned the spring cycles of the sun. Today is the longest day of the year so after the sun sets, our days will start progressing toward the shortest day, 6 months from now in December.

The back of the house faces west and there is a line of mature, tall trees beyond the wall surrounding our yard. It limits the amount of summer sun in the afternoon but the trees keep the sun from glaring into the back windows.  The yard currently starts getting shady around 2pm.

One side of my house faces South and all spring long it has remained in the sun so I decided to plant my vegetables along that side wall.  That was a fantastic idea. I now have a great garden growing there: a bumper crop of basil (compared to all my past gardens), onions, peppers and tomato plants that are out of control.

Additions to the yard include: both blueberry and a blackberry bushes, hostas, hydrangeis. We added river pebbles on a dirt area near a walking path, filled in some pine straw around the azaleas and trimmed the wisteria. We added bird and hummingbird feeders, a bird bath, solar patio lights and patio furniture.

Here are some photos from March:

Spring flowers:

The vegetable garden, before and after:

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