Beware of Killer Plants

While it is always best, in my opinion, to plant organic in your food garden, not everyone in the U.S. has access to quality garden stores.  If you live in one of these Garden-Store Deserts (meaning there are no quality garden stores) and grow vegetables and herbs from conventional nursery plants I want to caution you on one thing: neonicotinoids.

I noticed at the big-box garden stores in my town that many of the fruit trees and herbs are treated with neonicotinoids and sport a little plastic label explaining “These pesticides are approved by the EPA”.


Well, that’s nice, but you should beward of them and find an alternative source for your fruit and herb plants that you are planning to eat from.

So what are neonicotinoids? These are a new type of pesticide that, according to every website on the internet that shows up when you search “neonicotinoids”, make their way into every cell of a plant to kill off pests. This pesticide gets to the nervous system of the insect to kill it.  Search further and you will find stories that tell of proof that neonicotinoids are harming bees, Monarch butterflies and more.

So, if every cell of a plant sprayed with this substance now contains this neurotoxin, what is it doing to humans that eat from the plant? And did I mention it’s approved by the EPA. So the EPA is approving my food?

I believe it is very irresponsible for any garden shop to sell products sprayed with this substance.  The best thing we humans can do is boycott the products and let the stores know that we won’t tolerate this pesticide.

If you live in a Garden-Store Desert and don’t have the quality plants to purchase, consider starting your garden from seed.  You need to start early and plant seeds indoors while it is still chilly out.  If you have passed that schedule of planting talk to your local garden shop about stocking organically grown plants.  There are also online garden shops that will ship plants to you. Below a list of a few.

I do not endorse one over another and if I’ve missed listing your favorite, please leave a comment for other readers to learn about it.  I am also not getting paid by any that I list.

The lesson here is: pay attention to what you purchase, read the tags in your plants and avoid pesticides on your edibles.

Just a few online Nurseries:







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