Pollinators Week: A Celebration

It’s International Pollinators Week and all gardeners need to be celebrating.

Pollinators make our gardens grow. Whether you are a landscape gardener, vegetable gardener, farmer of any size property or just enjoy the wild flowers along the road or the lake, you need to be glad and celebrate the wonderful job these critters are doing.

  • Birds, particularly Hummingbirds, are pollinators.
  • Bats are pollinators.
  • Butterflies are pollinators.
  • Bees and wasps are pollinators.
  • Moths and flies are pollinators, too.

And, if you really stretch it, fish help the pollination process.

Here are some things you can do this week and any other week to celebrate our pollinators:

  • Visit a beekeeper. Learn all you can about bees and their importance.
  • Buy some local honey.
  • Make sure you have some red flowers or flowering bushes in our yard for Hummingbirds.
  • Plant milkweed.  Butterflies lay their eggs on these plants.  The more butterflies, the more pollinators.
  • Find out what plants in your yard are attractive to pollinators.  Vow not to use insecticides or herbicides on or near them.
  • Add a bee house and a butterfly house to your backyard garden.
  • Contact your Representative in Washington DC and tell him/her to protect organic farmers and honey bees in the current Farm Bill.
  • Watch Disney’s latest nature movie, “Wings of Life” with the kiddos.
  • Stop spraying your yard. Let the clover and dandelion grow.

So, raise your cups to the pollinators and do whatever you can to protect them.

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