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Expanding My Gardening Horizons

I’ve gardened in Fairhope for 3 years and have kept this journal for two.  It’s been a lot of fun and I’ve met some great folks: you (my readers) and gardeners along the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay.

I’m expanding my horizons and adding to this journal.  My two closest garden buddies, Ann and Tracy, are now contributing writers and I’m so excited.

Ann will be writing about her gardening adventures on the Eastern Shore/Gulf Coast including recipes from her garden and nutritional stuff.  She is a brain when it comes to canning, nutrition, food allergies and growing stuff.   Ann went from vegetable gardening along the Mobile Bay to a few miles inland…ok, she’s in the “country” now and has noticed a huge difference in what can and cannot grow in the two climates.  There are fruit trees on her property, too.

Meanwhile, Tracy will be adding to the whole Gulf of Mexico gardening thing by writing of her adventures gardening in Belize.  Ok, Belize is really on the Caribbean but it’s close enough to the Gulf and it is coastal.  They deal with a lot of coastal gardening issues that seem similar to our area. Ok, maybe not, but  I just know it will be fun to read about.  Tracy also keeps a vegetable garden in Fairhope and is a fantastic nature photographer.  Her garden has thrived in a heavily shaded part of town on a street corner where she offers her neighbors the opportunity to pick what they want since she and her family can’t eat everything there.  Tracy also maintains a raised bed in the Community Garden; a garden we started as Junior Master Gardener teachers.  She and I have collaborated on a coffee-table style book which we plan to publish.

I am moving a little north to garden hardiness zone 7a, Oxford Mississippi to be exact.  This should be interesting.  I won’t be able to garden outside year-round anymore but I’ll try to push it and keep you informed of this adventure.  I might even do some indoor hydroponics to keep my herbs going.

Whether I move far or near, it’s time for this vegetable grower to move on; my back yard gets very little sun these days because the trees have grown up and out, covering what little sunny space I’ve had these past years. But, I know I won’t be gone forever and will return to a garden along the Gulf Coast.

My empty garden...I'll miss it.
My empty garden…I’ll miss it.

Hope you stay a subscriber and enjoy our gardening adventures.  If you are just a casual reader, go ahead and click the “subscribe” button for regular updates.

Happy Gardening.

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