Weeding Out The Weeds

Most of my readers know I have a brick patio with a weed problem. I’ve tried plucking them, using weed killer, vinegar solutions, power washing and then applying weed killer to the dirt. I have weeds.

I was recently reading a book I got for my Kindle called: The Briggs Book: Recipes, Remedies and Household Hints from Way Back When,  by Tony Holkham.

It is a collection of handwritten remedies and recipes that Holkham’s late-mother, Miss Edna, passed on to him that he transformed to digital format.  One entry stuck in my head. It made me think hard about my weed problem on the brick patio.

AM killing the weeds: I spray them with weed killer and more appear.  I pour boiling water on them and more appear.  I have put vinegar on them and more appear.

And, I’m pulling them out by the roots. This in theory should stop them from coming back. I have a tightly packed, enclosed yard so wind dispersal of weeds neighboring pastures is not an issue. My neighborhood is so manicured and professionally maintained you’d have to wonder where these weeds are coming from. There’s even a golf course meandering through the area. I must have the only natural yard within miles; a safe haven for weeds.

I actually intend on growing them in a container. I have dandelion seeds from Iowa, some of which I planted too late to grow over the winter, that I’m container growing this spring. Oh, the neighbors will love me if I let the dandelion seed!

Holkham’s book made me think about the soil that the weeds are clinging to. I have been told to put sand between the bricks but if the weeds are already in the soil, they’ll pop through the sand. What if I neutralized the soil?  I’ve tried baking soda and vinegar but strangely the weeds, which quickly died grew back in spots so I’m assuming it wasn’t a total solution.  Or I didn’t do it correctly.

Here’s the book said: To destroy weeds on path, mix 1D of salt with 1 gallon of water.  It’s also a slug killer and good “fertiliser.”

Salt Water.

Why not try it. Once hurricanes push salt water inland on lawns, the area needs replanting.  Salt water kills.  But, why would something that kills weeds also be a good fertilizer?  My research found that Miss Edna must have meant Epsom Salt which is recommended as a plant fertilizer. Table salt easily kill a plant. Sweet lady had her head all confused!

So back to my weeds.  The “1D salt” was hard to translate so I found some other recipes: 1 part salt to 2 parts water.  After a week, on a test spot, the weeds on my patio died.  That was 2 months ago and they haven’t resurfaced yet.

So there, my friends, is Miss Edna’s solution to eliminating patio weeds.  Hope it works for you.

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