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Monsanto In My Garden

Before you plant this season, read this. I was recently alerted by a Facebook group I belong to that Monsanto is taking over the home garden seed business.

Monsanto, for those of you who only get your news and entertainment from my blog, is a bio-tech company responsible for most genetically-modified (GM) seeds sold throughout the world. Most countries have banned GM food made from these crops (GMO). The US has not. Some GM seeds contain a pesticide which in theory but not reality keeps bugs and insects away from the crops. This pesticide is responsible for killing off not only “bad” critters, but also beneficials as well. It’s being blamed for the bee colony collapse as well. GM seeds include cotton, which we make into fabric and clothing which then sits on our skin.

Other GM seeds are just genetically modified to remove, for example, seeds in watermelons.  Still not the food God intended for nourishing our bodies.

Get the picture?

Monsanto is buying up seed companies that we homesteaders and small garden enthusiasts purchase from. I believe Monsanto wants to take over the world, but I’ll leave that sub-topic for another time.

Meanwhile, I found this other person’s blog written so well and researched more thorough than I have time to re-do so I want to share it with you. Please read this before planting.

3 thoughts on “Monsanto In My Garden

  1. Thinking about modifying what we eat, I am going to recommend the “food for thought” book WHEAT BELLY which describes the consequences of this sort of thing in reference to human health very dramatically.
    It also contains the cure for type II diabetes–not coincidentally. We really must stop doing this!

    1. Thanks, I did read the book: it’s awesome and I, too, recommend it. As a side note, I stopped my bread and pasta habit and dropped 10 pounds in one month. I am way too skinny now but also wanted to know if my weight loss was really from the elimination of gmo wheat. I ate pasta and bread for a week and gained some of it back, including the belly. Sorry for the visual. So I believe, because I was my own guinnea pig, that the book is true. Try this elimination diet. You’ll feel awesome.

      1. Wow, your experience is very illustrative! I did eliminate it completely in the last month. Nothing makes me lose weight except stringent self-control, but I think my wheat intake was so low in the first place that the difference for me is minimal. Still, the other health benefits are worth it. I’d love to lose that 10 lbs, though!

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