Pet Grass

Jan 2013 061

My dog, Dixie, has always had a stomach issue.  She throws up when she doesn’t get enough to eat.  She also has a sensitive stomach and often needs to go outside to find grass to eat.  I watched all summer at the grass she chose to eat but still couldn’t identify it among the variety of grass and weeds surrounding my garden bed where she visits most often.

As luck would have it I found and purchased a pot of  Bonnie “Pet Grass” from my local garden center.  The tag simply reads: “Pet Grass: Elymus hispidus”.  It’s a tall, yellow/green grass. It’s a type of intermediate wheat grass that aids in the digestion of animals.  Birds like it too.

It seems to be the correct grass for Dixie, as she ate almost all of it one night.  We had an overnight cold snap and since the grass was still potted I brought it inside where she found it.  She ate and ate.   

I will recommend this grass for your yard if you have a pet.  Perhaps dedicating a particular spot for it would be wise or grow it in planter pots around the yard.  And plant some for indoors during the winter season.  It’s easy to grow.  Read here for some advice from Bonnie Plants.

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