Stink Bug Traps

I watched a news video this morning about a guy in Pennsylvania named Andy Strube who, because of a stink bug invasion at his homestead, invented a light that attracts stink bugs and thus kills them. It started with a duct tape adhesive covered coffee can over a light. 

Apparently it works because he started a business selling them.  Ingenious.  Got a problem? Solve it.  His patent is pending and there are several other types for sale online by other people.  Here’s his website:  www.stinkbugtrapsonline.com

Have any of my readers used this or something like it to rid their gardens of stink bugs?  Spring/summer tomato and squash growing season is coming and I’d like to save my future harvest from these pests.  Let me know what you’ve used and/or if you’ve tried this trap.

Disclaimer: I have never used the stink bug trap and am not affiliated with this or any other company that makes them.  I do not make money from these companies. The only way I’ve ever killed stink bugs is with a store-brand wasp spray which my Extension Officer recommended. 

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