Wildlife in My Backyard, Part II

I left you all, in my blog part one, with the knowledge that I was going to eradicate the moles and grubs in my yard come hell or high water.

I didn’t know it would be so hard.  I consulted my trusted Garden Shop owner who started off the conversation with “there’s no good way to get rid of them.”  My internet search said there were grub killers but didn’t mention the other things they would kill: fleas, ticks, moles, mole crickets.  I have no problem with this, but then I found out the grub killers also kill the beneficial worms. 

My Garden Shop mentor explained that done right, you spread granules throughout your yard and immediately lightly water.  The water dissolves the granules, washes them from the grass they may land on and the dissolved mixture penetrates the soil, killing the pests quickly.  I questioned whether the worms would come up and birds would die from eating them.  He said you don’t put that much water on the yard…lightly water.  He also said the birds are repelled from the poison scent and won’t eat them.  Still, what’s a yard without worms.  Once all of those pests die, what’s going to help decompose them?

So, I’ve decided to leave the yard alone.  I’ll just step on the mole mounds, deal with the sinking ground and blame the dead grass spots on the lack of sunlight on my yard due to the pine forest and my neighbor’s wall of bamboo that’s encroaching on my side of the fence.  On to bigger problems…like the weeds growing (again) between the bricks on my patio.

2 thoughts on “Wildlife in My Backyard, Part II

  1. Eliminating Grub Worms? What to Do? Beetles usually lay their eggs during early summer (Learn how to get rid of beetles ). After these eggs hatch, they turn into nasty pests, known as grub worms. Grub worms then tunnel underground and feast on the roots of plants and grasses until the winter or fall season. If you will notice, this sort of problem is like a cycle and it seems that there isn’t a permanent solution to get rid of them. It is a cycle because these grub worms will soon mature and turn into adult beetles, and again, laying eggs in your lawn or garden that soon will become grub worms. There are several ways to get rid of grub worms, but you must know that there is no permanent solution, nor a feasible plan to prevent them from coming back. The key here is being vigilant and knowing when the beetles in your area start laying eggs. Surely there are pesticides that you can purchase and use. However, you might want to steer away from such chemicals if you have children or pets, or when you eat the ones you plant in your garden or yard. A lot of people prefer the natural means of getting rid of these pests, there is no need to invest on expensive pesticides. All it takes is a little patience and time.

    1. I’ve decided that since my goal of finding a quick fix that didn’t harm my dog cannot be met, I am leaving the yard alone. It’s just not worth it. I am not a chemical/pesticide person, and there is no such thing as a non-chemical pesticide to remove critters that are putting holes in my yard. I will enjoy the holes, even the two large armadillo holes on either side of my yard. I hope their path underground is not shallow; we may have a sink hole/path if that’s the case.

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