Organize Your Garden

This week I discovered Popplet. It’s an online way to organize thoughts, ideas, photos/galleries, inspiration. You can even collaborate ideas and projects with others on this website. Each popplet grows by adding popples, which can also grow by adding to them.  It’s a mind map.

For gardening, you can organize your garden by plants, by edibles vs landscaping vs herbs.  Add a seed company popple with sources.  Make a photo gallery of what you’ve grown over the years for reference or to share with friends. Make another popple for garden art.

For recipes, make a popplet of Garden Recipes, add popples of what you grow, for example, squash, snap peas, tomatoes, eggplant.  Surround those popples with recipes or links to recipes.

I’ve made an example of a Garden popplet you can view.  I lumped all of the ideas about my garden into one map, but you can separate them and make several popplets.

Special note: your popplets are yours/private until you share them.  You can’t unshare once you share so make sure you don’t mind if it’s public.

The site can be used for more than gardening; school, ancestry, business, wedding organizing,  Use your imagination and get poppleting (if that’s a word yet).

It’s free on line for a limited 5 popplets, and they have really affordable plans for unlimited popplets.  It’s $4.99 on your iPhone.

Disclaimer: I do not make money from  I have no affiliation with Popplet other than having a free account.  I’m just excited about this and want to share it with my readers. My kids use it for homeschooling projects.

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