My Ten Commandments of Gardening

by A Coastal Gardener**

1. Put God first. He is the Creator of all, the gardener is the steward. Be a good steward. You may want to pray over your decisions of what to plant; this is helpful so you don’t find out at harvest time that your family hates squash. And remember to share your first fruits.

2. Do not worship the local Master Gardeners, just learn their techniques and do the best you can with your garden.

3. Do not swear if the bunnies eat your plants.

4. Take a day to rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor by sitting in your garden sipping sweet tea or wine or … go to the beach.

5. Honor your trusted Garden Shop owner. If you’re disrespectful, he may give you bad advice.

6. Do not kill. This includes Crepe Murder (the act of chopping your beautiful Crepe Myrtle to a skeleton of sticks and expecting it to grow back beautiful).  Insects like the stink bug and grubs are a different story.  I think it’s ok to kill “bad” insects if they’re ruining your garden.  After all, your garden is part of your home, “bad” insects are home invaders and there are laws about protecting your home from invasion. Be careful not to kill the “good” insects.

7. If you’re in a relationship, put that person before your garden.  Take interest in your better-half’s life. Your garden will survive if you go on a date.

8. If your friend’s vegetable garden looks better than yours, do not sneak by late at night and take what you want.

9. Do not gossip about your organic gardening friend using non-organic pesticides. Untruths can ruin reputations. If she really is using non-organic protocol, call her on it.

10. Do not be envious of other people’s gardens. Work harder at yours or pick a new hobby.

**I saw that there are other lists of commandments floating around the cyber garden which I did not read so that I could come up with my own.  These are mine.  Any similarity is coincidental.

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