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Gulf Coast Gardening for January 2013

Nothing has happened with my garden for quite some time. We’ve been enjoying the lettuce, cilantro and occasionally some green onions.  I have plenty of mint, the dill is growing well and the lemon thyme is filling out.  I cut most of the lemon thyme last summer, dried it and stored it in a jar for use.  The rosemary is growing like a weed.

December is generally the month you need to spend time preparing your garden soil for the upcoming season. We’ve had frosts, we’ve had freezes (one last night) and since this cold season doesn’t last long, get ready now.

In January you can plant trees, potatoes and onion bulbs. I’ve seen the neighboring farms putting strawberries in earlier in December. Get yours ready, too. Florida Strawberries are already hitting the stores.
You can get your tomatoes and peppers started inside your home.
Seeds in the ground, this time of year, can include peas, beets, lettuce and greens (turnips, mustard).

Herbs are easy to grow in the winter in pots.   Our daytime temps here on the Gulf Coast can stretch from 50s to the 70s in the winter.  Nighttime temperatures can go into the 30s and (since I’ve been here) rarely into the below freezing zone but it does happen.  Herbs in pots are easy to bring inside for the freezing nights.  Otherwise, most herbs enjoy a cooler temperature.  Basil is not one of them.  Wait until later in the spring to grow this one.   

Last year I tried peas. While these grew into beautiful plants, they produced nothing edible. My soil will be amended this year and I plan to try again.
I haven’t decided on what tomatoes I’d like to grow but they will include grape size and will be heirloom. I would like to try beets and eggplant this year.

What are you planting?

One thought on “Gulf Coast Gardening for January 2013

  1. The Garden of Eatin’ at Jubilee Shores UMC, Fairhope, AL is about to harvest broccoli and collards for Prodisee Pantry. We also have Brussels sprouts, turnips and carrots growing. Our beets are struggling. Not sure why. We are having a vegetable gardening seminar, Jan. 12 at 10:00 a.m. presented by Master Gardener, Marilyn Mannhard. It is open to all gardeners. RSVP at We are the “Onion Church” on HWY 181 at 32.

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