Christmas Cactus

I moved from Mississippi to Texas in the spring of 2007 and had to leave a few plants and things behind. The move took two trips as we did it ourselves. We waited on the second trip since we still owned our home in Mississippi so we used it as storage until it sold.

Meanwhile, my friend Andi kept some of my house plants that I couldn’t take on the first move. One of these was my Christmas Cactus. It had bloomed the year before (2006) but never again since. I had always kept it indoors and thought maybe since she kept it outdoors that summer, the weather had something to do with the lack of blooms. Who knows. So I moved it outside and it still didn’t bloom.

I’ve been marvelling over photos of my facebook friends’ Christmas Cactuses while sadly complaining that mine won’t bloom.

There is some truth to plants growing well when you talk to them. Apparently, as we humans exhale carbon dioxide toward the plant during conversations with it, the plant in turn “inhales” the CO2 that we pass to it. Pretty cool, huh. So, with this in mind I have spilled my guts, vented about pet peeves, read interesting stories, asked for advice, and told jokes to my Christmas Cactus.   I also babied it, gave it new soil and fed it spring water.

Well, I think all that talking (or maybe just the new soil) has worked because after five years of no blooms, my Christmas Cactus is finally blooming.ChristmasCactus 004

Isn’t it beautiful?

3 thoughts on “Christmas Cactus

  1. Very pretty. That is interesting info about talking to plants. You know I don’t do well with plants except for that one hanging vine. I had a cactus when I was single- I killed it. I know plants give off oxygen, but is there any type of reason one “has” to have house plants?!

    1. Kim, I don’t think house plants are a requirement, LOL, but I did read that “studies show” having them increases mood and provides a personal sense of nurturing. Like you, I have kids so I don’t need plants. I used to have those air plants that just thrived no matter what which was good because I’d have killed them. I have tropical houseplants but put them outside where they do better. I think I’ll leave all of my houseplants outside.

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