Squirrels…what a waste

There was a great story this week about more government waste. This time it included a Robo-Squirrel built to psych-out a rattlesnake. I’d like a Robo-Squirrel for my dog to play with. We don’t have a fence around our yard so I can’t let her out unattended to chase squirrels. If we had a Robo-Squirrel in the house, that would be cool.

Speaking of waste, I’m wondering how much money I’ve wasted trying to grow food for my family. It’s wasted because each time I plant something, part of it goes to the deer or rabbits or bugs.

Just yesterday I noticed that my beets, which were doing fantastic, are gone…nibbled to the ground. There wasn’t a beet to save.  Underground, they hadn’t grown enough to save.  I will have to start over.

On a brighter side: the ivory soap bar has, so far, deterred the deer from further eating my brussels sprouts and the plants have come back and look great.

Now that I’ve connected a story on government waste to my garden (this is a gardening blog) I want to get back to squirrels. When we moved here 3 years ago and I started my garden I had put several avocado seeds into a planter. The planter sat on my patio table but the squirrels found them and picked a few out. I found remnants of one and was able to cover up the other. I later added to them but last year got rid of the plants because we thought we were moving west and I had enough to load into my car.

Meanwhile, I had forgotten about the missing avocado seeds.  I was looking out my kitchen window this morning and spotted a new “tree” next to the house.  Now, I could be wrong but it looks like an avocado tree; same leaves.  Only time will tell but that would be funny if Mr. Squirrel carried it to the side of my house and planted it.  They do store acorns in my landscaping garden.

Meanwhile, here’s a journal entry for my garden:  brussels sprouts are smaller than they should be due to being eaten but they are currently healthy and look good.  Basil is still hanging in there.  A cold front is coming through and may keep the temperature lower than basil likes, so I’ll probably bring it in tomorrow.  Lettuce, cilantro, mesculin, and dill are doing well.  Beets gone.  I moved the pepper into the raised bed garden (it was in a pot when the leaves were eaten.  The leaves are all back and it looks healthy.  One broccoli is hanging in there.

Dandelion is a slow grower.  I checked it out and found that it can take up to a month to germinate.  My Iowa dandelion is just now coming up.  Might be the time of year (weeds tend to fade in the fall) but I’m determined to grow it. 



One thought on “Squirrels…what a waste

  1. I didn’t know dandelions took so long to germinate- glad it’s finally coming up.

    Sigh… the government. I really try to avoid reading stuff like that. It just annoys me. They all have their pet projects that we get to pay for. At least we still are allowed to worship freely, so we yet have it better than many.

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