New Plantings

Garden Diary:

I just planted dandelions, mesclun, dill, leaf lettuce in containers. I put romaine in the ground.

Checked on the broccoli and brussels sprouts. Broccoli is not coming back after the deer feast so I’ll have to buy some more. It’s almost too late to get them in. Brussels sprouts are coming along. The deer missed 3 plants and the others are sprouting new parts. I’ll continue to nurse them through the fall.

My basil is still producing, although not as well. Lots of new greens on the top this week. I won’t have enough to make pesto but will save it for pizzas. In past winters I’ve taken it inside to my only south facing window and it thrived past Christmas. I may just seed some for inside this year.

Cilantro is coming along well; another two weeks and we’ll be eating off of it.

The rosemary plant took a hit from a bug this summer which I was able to clean off but not before it killed some branches. I know the rest will do well this winter and fill in.

Beets are still small, not even an inch high but that’s where they should be after sowing when I did.

Garlic chives have flowered. Even though they are mostly seeds now, a bumble bee still visits daily. He doesn’t mind me hanging out, so it seems.

What are you planting?

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