October is Just About Everything Awareness Month

Not only are we supposed to be aware, during the month of October, of squirrels but several other things as well. I’ll link as many of these events to gardening somehow.

First of all, it’s Non-GMO Awareness Month. The reason I garden is to enjoy the bounty of my little yard and to find alternatives to gmo crops. So far I’m not doing so well because squirrels, deer, bunnies, stink bugs and my dog find my crops delicious before I can harvest them. So this leads me to be aware of the alternative foods that I feed my family. I have to keep them healthy.

Second, it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  I have known several women who are survivors of breast cancer and I celebrate their lives with them.  It’s always wise to eat a healthy diet of vegetables and fruits.  I don’t know of definitive research to quote regarding the connection between breast cancer and eating healthy.  Sometimes the disease is environmental or hereditary.  We women do need to be aware of how we treat our bodies to stay healthy.  This month, hug your breast cancer survivor friends.

It’s also National Book Month.  There are plenty of great gardening books out there.  Amazon has daily Kindle freebies which often includes gardening books. Curl up with a good book on how to grow something that the deer won’t destroy before you can harvest it.

Additionally, it is National Bullying Prevention Month.  I know this is a serious issue.  It is a huge problem for our school-aged children and respect that.  I’m fortunate enough to homeschool my kids so that they don’t have to go through that in school, although they have been treated meanly by others in groups we associate with.  I hurt for the kids that truly suffer from it.  I’ve know of children in my community that have killed themselves because of it.  But, this is about gardening so while bullying is not tolerated in my household or by anyone in my household, I will continue to bully the non-beneficial insects outside in my garden.  I will continue to bully the weeds in my garden.  I cannot rid the yard of them, though, because my dog thinks they are tasty, so she wins the weed battle in the yard.  I did bully the weeds on my patio.  I won.  I found out that baking soda will neutralize the soil and kill things, so slowly I’ve been clearing the brick patio of weeds.  This has to be done carefully; you don’t want to kill off plants in surrounding garden beds or the grass edging the patio.

Lastly, it is National Polish American Heritage Month.  My great grandparents, I’m told, didn’t speak a lick of English but they made great perogies and kruschikis.  Mom used to make kruschikis for Christmas.  Anyway, I’ll be celebrating my heritage and if you grow potatoes you can celebrate with me by making your own perogies.

Whew…lots to celebrate this month.  I’m sure there’s more, like my youngest son’s birthday.  He’ll be 16 next week.  Ugh, being aware of so many things makes time fly by.

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