Garden Notes

I added broccoli and brussels sprouts to my garden recently. Last night as I was letting the dog out back, I noticed these plants had been messed with. I have a short garden fence around the perimeter; I can’t see a bunny jumping over it and found no foot prints. Most plants were missing leaves, some were pulled from the dirt and eaten. I found all of the missing plants or the roots and stumps of each missing plant as some were outside the garden walls. Everything is back in place (all plants or roots of plants accounted for) but I had to protect them overnight from more invaders. I put the domed screen from my firepit over most of them and set across the others some adjustable window screens I keep in the closet.

screen contraption to keep the plants safe over night

Today I fixed the garden.  After setting upside down starter pots near each plant, I set a screen (leftovers from a door we had repaired) over the pots, plants and around the edges of the garden wall.

New temporary protective screen for my plants

Then, I hung ivory soap on a string from a spare shepard’s crook next to the garden.  As I wrote in a previous blog note, hanging soap made of animal tallow keeps deer away.  Should have done this sooner. 

Ivory soap in a string next to my garden. Notice the screen covering my vegetables. Also not the garlic chive flowers.

I was talking to my husband about how to protect the garden this year.  I had a tall expandable tomato cage around it last year but the deer got through the holes in the cage and ate my plants.  I think the best thing to do is build a screened garden cage.  I’ll be researching some quick and easy ways to build them.  Check out my Pinterest page in the next few days for ideas that might help you.

Most of my other plants are in starter pots right now so my garden looks rather empty.  I have 9 broccoli, 9 brussels sprouts, one garlic chive, 1 basil in the garden.  In pots I have sweet pepper (the leaves and small fruits were eaten off last week as well), cilantro, dill, basil, thyme, beets, rosemary and dandelion.

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