When was the last time a tree just fell down in front of you?

I’ve lived in my house 3 years and as you know from my gardening stories, I live on a heavily wooded lot. On the front corner of the yard sits a tree; a dead tree. For three years I’ve wondered what would happen to it: would it fall, would we cut it down, how long would it stand?

My home sits on a corner lot and on the side of my house is a few feet of landscaping and heavy woods (pines, oaks, a dogwood), ending at the neighborhood common space of grass along the street. This tree was on the line but mostly on the common space side of the line. I was hoping it would fall in that direction so clean up was the neighborhood landscaper’s responsibility. If it fell but didn’t break I’d need a saw and I don’t own one.
But the real problem was, it was close to the corner and unless it fell back into the trees it would fall on the street.

Lately, I’ve taken to pushing on it but it never budged or made a noise at the base, like another dead tree on the lot had done last year before I pushed it over. As I took my dog, Dixie, for a walk today I, once again, tested the tree. Seemed ok. Dixie and I walked on around the neighborhood.

At the end of our walk as we were coming down the street in front of my house, and just as we were walking to the driveway the tree, in slow motion, fell to the street.

It was so cool. It just fell. Like it waited until I walked around the block and it fell just so I could see it fall.

When was the last time a tree fell for you?

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