Nature Notes Aug 16

I saw a swarm of dragonflies for the first time this season earlier this week. They usually hang out along side the roadways near the ditches. Love bugs will follow.

I wrote about them a few years ago.  The article was written in September. You can read it here.  While I didn’t pay attention to them last year, I don’t know if this is early for them in Lower Alabama.  When I lived in Northwest Mississippi, they appeared in swarms from mid-July to mid-August.

As for gardens, dragonflies and lovebugs are neither beneficial nor harmful.  Dragonflies do eat insects, like mosquitos, so they do make it more comfortable to hang out in your back yard and garden. Love bugs are just annoying.

In my neighborhood, the city comes through and sprays every Wednesday night at 9pm.  The route brings them past my house twice, unfortunately.  I also live on a corner lot so two sides of my property are sprayed twice.  We had bats in the neighborhood, at least in my yard, three years ago when we moved in.  They are no longer here.  But regardless of the spraying, we have more mosquitos than I’ve ever encountered in any of the 8 Southern towns I’ve lived in. 

The Crepe Myrtles are hanging onto their flowers longer than usual even through the rain. The pink variety are leafless, though, but beautiful.

This summer has been the rainiest in my three years here.  Just making some nature notes for later reference.

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