What to do with Dandelions?

What do you do with dandelions? The first thing I bet you thought was to kill them. Not so fast. They’re totally edible. Sure the leaves can be bitter (most often after the plant has flowered) but balance the bitterness with other flavors from other greens in your salad. Harvest them before they flower in the early spring or after they flower in the late fall. A frost can cause the bitterness to die out.

Dandelions are full of vitamins and minerals (A, some B vitamins, K and calcium) and are used for medicinal purposes in many parts of the world.  They are potassium-rich, good for your liver and used to treat digestive disorders, and other health problems.   For more nutritional information click here, just read the disclaimer at the bottom of the page you’ll be sent to.

Dandelions are just not highly regarded by many here in the U.S.  There are some people that will forage for them or purposely grow them in their gardens.  One such gardener has a few lovely plants here in town at the community garden.

Use them in a tea, salad, on sandwiches, in a smoothie, in Dandelion Soup, syrup, dips and desserts.  The large taproot is also edible.

A sweet friend of mine, fellow blogger, homeschooler and birdwatcher from Iowa recently shared a recipe for Dandelion Cookies on her blog this week.  If I had some dandelions, I’d bake them.  I wouldn’t tell my boys the ingredients until they tried it first.  Thankfully, she has an abundance of dandelions that are about to seed and has offered to send me some seeds.  Can’t wait to get them.

Meanwhile, check out her blog, The Birding Bunch, for the recipe and if you have dandelions, try it.  Her blog is lovely, so spend some time with it, then scour the internet for more recipes for dandelions.

Sources for info: www.livestrong.com, www.leaflady.com, www.davesgarden.com among other internet sources.

3 thoughts on “What to do with Dandelions?

  1. Thank you for linking to me. : )

    This was funny. Some relatives came for a visit and noticed our lawn and had a few comments. Would you believe I made these cookies for their visit. As they ate them, I asked what they thought. They thought the cookies were good; I mentioned there was some dandelion in them. A couple mouths dropped open. But they ate a few more.

  2. I just wanted to tell you this tidbit. I have found you can place a cup or two of the dandelion petals in other baked goods. So far I have put them in chocolate chip cookies and brownies. I’d like to try bread, as well, but may have to wait until next year. I had a time finding enough for the brownies yesterday. 🙂
    Oh and instead of pulling off the petals, I’ve just been using scissors. I get a little of the green in, but I do not taste a flavor difference.
    Do you have dandelions at your new place?

    1. Thanks for the info. And yes, I had a ton of dandelions here until recently when the community landscapers came through with weed killer. I’ve been saving seeds anticipating this would happen. I’m trying to grow them in pots this summer.

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