Mosquito Repelling Plants

We just had a week and a half of heavy rain along the Gulf Coast. My yard hasn’t dried out yet and while weeding this afternoon I was attacked ferociously by mosquitos. I don’t like using repellant spray but it was too hot for for long sleeves and pants and I really wanted to get the weeds pulled while the ground was still soaked.

There are plants you can put around your patio, near your doors or just scattered around the yard that are supposed to repell mosquitos and other flying insects. I guess I’ll be shopping this week.  

Make your patio or backyard more comfortable to relax in, by planting any of the following either in the ground or in decorative pots.  Cluster them for visual appeal near your patio seating areas.

  • For mosquitoes: try lemongrass, basil, pyrethrum, catnip, citronella and geraniums.  Also, hanging dried sage by your doors should keep mosquitoes from flying inside.
  • For flies and moths: wormwood and pyrethrum.


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