Harvest Day

Today was Harvest Day at my garden. My cowpeas are about to become dried black-eyed peas.

Pea Plants

I had read that leaving the pods on the plant was a great way to dry the peas but with each passing day I saw more and more of them getting eaten by bugs.  I knew if I left them on the stem much longer they’d either be ruined by the bugs or devoured by deer. So I cut them all off today.

Some of my harvest

After shelling each pod I have placed them on a towel on a counter so that they can air dry. How long it takes to air dry will depend on the humidity in my house. I’ll just have to wait and see.

Peas in a Pod

I really grew these for my oldest son, Austin, who loves black-eyed peas with various favorite dinners. I have enough of them to fill a standard 15 oz can…good for one meal.

Drying peas

Some of the pea plants were turning yellow. This may be caused by specific bugs in the soil. I plucked most of those plants out and found knots on the root so I know they’ve been affected. The few plants I left (which are still healthy and green) are still flowering so I’ll hopefully have more peas shortly.


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