The Bug That Got Away

I did some work on my garden today and took my husband outside with me to show him what we have. There is a meals-worth of beans (yeah) so we’ll use them later this week because we hit the farm market yesterday. I have enough basil for another pint of pesto. Red potatoes are plentiful enough for a red potoato salad for lunch one day this week. A cubanelle pepper is growing, a jalepeno is blossoming, as are my tomatoes. We looked at the thyme and talked about what we will use it for. His idea is gumbo. Mine: go for it, I love gumbo. I cut half the rosemary and froze it.  The mint was totally bug-eaten so I ditched it; I’ll get more but will keep in on my windowsill next time as I’ve always done.  This time it was in a container on the ground and the bugs loved it.  I never got to use it.  My onions are separated in rows so they’ll get larger.  I have a ton which we will use.  My garden is looking good.

As we were looking at the garden I noticed a multi-legged grub-looking thing near my onions.  It just hung out there so as my husband went into the house to check on dinner, I went for my garden shovel to pluck the thing out.  When I got back there was a hole in the ground and as much as I turned the soil, I couldn’t find it.  Ugh, I hate those things, but I’ll get him next time.

Freezing rosemary

I have in past years lost my rosemary to a sticky bug.  This year I will freeze as much as I can to use later, saving my plant.  Here’s what you do:  cut sprigs from the plant and lay them on a cookie sheet.  Put the sheet in the freezer.  A few hours later, pull all of the leaves from the stems and put the leaves into a plastic bag/container and back into the freezer.  Throw away the stems or use them later for skewers on the grill.  OR, you can chop the leaves and mix just enough olive oil to hold them together.  Freeze this mixture in ice cube trays.  My husband opted for the freeze without oil so ours is in a bag, although I know a lot of people who love the oil method.  When you need rosemary for a stew or soup or any recipe, simply put a cube into the recipe.  With my method, we’ll just use the leaves we need.

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