Gardening is Good

I couldn’t resist sharing this article about gardening and health. Read through it entirely but to start with, I’ll bullet point the main thoughts.

  • Dirt is good for you
  • Gardening makes you happy
  • Glyphosate can be absorbed in the body and can cause depression
  • Organic is good

Check out the article yourself:  http://permaculture.com.au/online/articles/why-gardening-makes-you-happy-and-cures-depression

I garden because:

  • It’s a fun hobby.
  • I may not always have a positive outcome but I keep trying and try new things to grow. 
  • It gets me outdoors.
  • My family gets some good and fresh food items that we know are safe to eat.

Please share your garden experiences and WHY you garden with me and my readers.

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