Vacation from Gardening

I’ve spent the last 10 days out of town on vacation in Florida. I had someone take care of my dog and my garden while I was gone. Meanwhile, the friends who’s place we stayed in made a request of me to take care of their herb garden. There’s no rest for the gardener but I gladly did it. I’ll write about her garden in another post.
Meanwhile, returning to mine, I’ve noticed bugs are eating at my potato plants (the leaves are almost gone and it doesn’t look like any deer feasted upon them) and my basil was a little eaten as well but growing. I have a lot of flies hanging around. The good news though is I actually have beans growing. I was afraid it would be another year without a harvest but my cowpeas are growing and vining and flowering and producing. Also, both of my tomatoes and peppers have flowers.
I will have to do the bug-control thing. One year I used Neem Oil and I think I’ll do it again this time.

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