Garden Apps

Apps are all the rage these days, but as a gardener who would rather  play with dirt than her Android I’m not sure I’d really use them but I did some research that I’ll share.

Since I’m not sure if I’d use these apps or if so how much I would use them, I chose to look at the freebies.  I’ve put some of these in my Garden App board on Pinterest (see icon to the right), so after you read my short description go to my board and check out the download details.

GARDEN GUIDE by Ogden Publications

It’s a product of Mother Earth News and gives advice and information about organic food gardening.  This app gives advice on crops, gardening techniques for organic gardening, planting and harvesting, pest control, mulching, watering, vertical growing and more.  This app also provides links to other organic gardening sites and articles.

GARDEN SNOB by Handstand Inc.

They claim this app is “for the garden obsessed.” Enough said.

MY GARDEN LITE by TK Association

This app gives you reminders on when to water and fertilize your plants.  You create a plant list  and store information about the plants including photos you take of your plants.

GARDENER by idle

This Gardener app help you manage your garden or gardens.  By adding each plant and when you planted it, this app helps you keep a log of your garden and has a photo section of  pictures you take from your phone.  For flower gardeners, you can share your “flowering events” with friends on facebook with this app. Watering and fertilizing reminders are included.

GARDENER by  Organic Droid

This is a “simple plant list management for gardeners, landscapers and farmers.”  You plug in what you are growing and when it was planted and it will tell you when to water, when to harvest.  The feature I like is that it will help you build a history for future gardens or plantings.


This is an interactive community website/app for gardening info.  You can ask a question or leave a comment.  Hort Chat is also a website and a facebook page.

PLANT FACTS by Shoplettes LLC

A plant trivia app with lots of cool and fun facts about plants.  They have lots of pictures to browse as well.  The app description reads: “trivia for the avid plant lover or the curious person.”  Sounds like a good app to help with science homework.  If there is a Trivial Pursuit edition for gardeners this might be it. 


What you do is list your plants then write a diary and chart your plant’s growth.  You can add pictures.  Diary, huh?  Isn’t that kind of what I’ve got with my blog? 


It is a plant directory with a calendar which reminds you when to water, spray and fertilize your flowers and indoor plants.  It has a director of over 250 plants.  This app is FREE ONLY FOR THE FIRST 2 PLANTS.  Then they charge but I didn’t see the fee, just that it said unlimited plants with purchase.


Deke helps you plan your square foot garden.  This includes patio containers, raised beds and more; anywhere you can garden by the square foot.  It saves the details of each plot you plant for future reference

BEE SMART by Beesmart

So you want a pollinator garden?  Butterflies, bees, hummingbirds, bats …  This is the app for you.  It provides a “comprehensive guide to selecting plants for pollinators specific to your area.”  It helps you match the plant with the pollinator.  How cool!

WHAT’S INVASIVE! by CENS Environmental

I love the 1950’s horror flick look to the app.  As a gardener, Junior Master Gardener certified instructor and former Master Environmental Educator, I have a huge interest in invasive plants, although I still have a hard time identifying some.  This app is definitely for me!  It was put together by National Park Service rangers and other “experts” around the country to inform you by your locality of invasive plants.  Invasive plants are not native to your area and can cause havoc on the native plants, sometimes killing them off.  You don’t want them near your landscape.

Well, I’m stopping here.  This is my list of apps I might choose to try…or not.  I don’t believe I need to be reminded of when to water my vegetable garden but might need watering reminders for some indoor specialty plants (which I currently don’t own because I usually kill them within a few days…like African Violets).  But, the other apps do have some merit for me.  I already keep a journal (this blog) to refer back to but a chart might be good for historical reference.  I’ll be checking them out further and in detail.  Let me know what you’ve downloaded and what works for you.

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