White Flies

I glanced out my window next to my desk and saw, to my horror, an infestation of white fly in my yard. Flying over my patio were hundreds of white flies. They seem to come and go, swarming then resting. It doesn’t look like I’ll be sitting out back this lunchtime. It does, however, look like I will be heading to Cecil’s for some insecticidal soap. I’ve got to spray my vegetable garden (just off my patio) and my mystery plants (see previous post: “Who’s Looking at You?”).
Apparently white flies are the beginning of black sooty mildew which these mystery plants are very susceptible to. Additionally, as soon as the black sooty starts forming, my rosemary gets all sticky with bugs. Ugh. At least I figured out the cycle so I can do something about it.
White flies are prolific, they are sap eaters and will destroy a lot of garden plants and vegetables. If you suspect that you have them, or just want to arm yourself with knowledge if you don’t yet have them, then check out this informative webpage: http://www.bugspray.com/article/whiteflies.html
Happy Gardening!

3 thoughts on “White Flies

  1. Several hours later I went outside. The swarm was gone but I found dozens of them floating, dead, in my water container. I had the lid off since we’re expecting rain this evening. I swept dozens more dead white flies off of my porch. They must have congregated by the back door before dying off; the black doormat was coated in them. Gross. Wonder what tomorrow will bring…

  2. We are having this problem too! I love to leave my porch lights on and always have….this year there are SWARMS of these teeny tiny white flies…..plastered to the wall all around the light and the window and door trim. As they die they turn into a sticky brown sappy substance on my trim. It has gotten to the point where I cant really open the door without the swarm flying in…..this is only at night. During the day I see one or two flying about. I think I need help…..any insight would be great….why is it so bad this year….and why have I never seen these in all my years of lighting my porch!

    1. Gross! Have you tried a yellow light bulb near the door (highly unattractive but I hear they don’t attract bugs). I feel your pain…letting the dog in and out is stressful with the flying bugs. If it’s that bad and unusual I bet your local pest control people could give you some advice. Go with the organic stuff, though. You don’t want to kill off the beneficial insects. Good luck.

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