Cardboard Gardening

This month’s issue of Birds and Blooms magazine has a really cool article on cardboard gardening. I won’t give away any details, so you’ll need to read it for yourself, but I am impressed with the idea.

Gardeners are always finding new and unique ways to grow, and display their plants.  It’s not enough, sometimes, to just have a garden.  It’s a work of art to some, a feel-good project to others and simply an expression of self.  Not everyone grows the same things, nor does it the same way with the same fertilizer.  My garden art pieces are unique to me.  I have 2 different metal dog sculptures in my garden.  I use upside-down wine bottles as water sources for butterflies.  I have a sheppard’s crook to hang a basket of herbs.  You may have homemade stepping stones, a bottle tree, hanging plants or many other ideas. 

Recycling has always been a great idea.  Use old pots from year to year.  Old broken pots and glass can be made into a garden mosiac.  Pallets are a hot item right now for herb gardens…separating the plants from each other.  Old tires, metal bed posts, a child’s old wagon, the list goes on. And now cardboard.  If you have moving boxes or shipping boxes sitting around, why not use them constructively? I’ve always container gardened alongside either an in-ground or a raised-bed garden. I’ve chosen clay pots, synthetic materials which are lightweight and attractive and also plastic containers. But my creative brain never gave thought to using my excess moving boxes for gardening. 

You may be asking…how do you keep the box from getting too soggy and looking gross?  Do I line the box? What sizes are best?  What about printing on the outside of the box?  Should I decorate it?  Well, check out the article while the magazine is still on store shelves or purchase a subscription at www.birdsandblooms.com .  Happy Gardening!

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