Gardening with Pinterest

I love gardening. I also love storing information for later use but my library is taking over the house to where I have no more room for books and magazines and how-to articles (until I find a bigger house). Enter Pinterest; an online pin board for all of your interests. It’s a great way to find information about your garden (and other things) and save your favorites with visuals. Each time you return to your account and your boards, you can go to “Gardening” or whatever you wish to call it and see the item, the website and the information you’re saving. It’s like a weekend honey-do list for your garden hobby.

In order to get started you need to go to the site, http://www.pinterest.com, open a free account and add their “Pin It” to your toolbar. This enables you to add almost anything you like online, to your pin board. Once you find something to save, click “Pin It” on the toolbar and you’re routed to a window for you to categorize your pin, tag it with a comment and save. Simple.

Pinterest is a social networking website. Your interests are shared with anyone that has an account so whatever you’re into, you’ll find plenty of information and make new friends. But, do have fun looking for your own information online, and save it on your board for others to see. It’s not a private bookmarking site. What you “pin” goes into a common pinboard that anyone with an account can peruse and repin to their boards. You’ll get emails from Pinterest informing you that so-and-so repined or liked or commented on your pin. You can then click their name in the email and look at their boards. Like something? Repin it in your own category/board. Viola…you’ve got a ton of gardening information available. Pinning only works when the website you want to pin from has photos. If you want to save a site that doesn’t pin, you’ll need to use your favorites list on your browser.

You now have a great filing system for your garden interests and ideas. You have your “gardening” board but you have so much info that you need to categorize it.  Start new boards (and move the old pins around) specifically for things like herbs, flowers, vegetables (particular ones or growing times), accessories, raised beds, or watering systems. You can add a board for gardening books you’d like to read. Gardening apps you want to try. If you are a teacher or homeschool teacher, try a board with botanical experiments. How about a board of recipes you can make using your vegetable or herb garden?

I have a gardening board and it’s growing. Find me by clicking the Pinterest icon in the margin of this blog or follow this link to my gardening board.  It’s called Outside: http://pinterest.com/eileensaunders/outside/.  Feel free to follow my boards, one or all. I’ll check yours out, too.

My favorite garden boards?  I’m partial to mine.  It’s not that populated because I tend to pin only realistic ideas and my garden recipes are currently in my recipe board.  I currently rent with a yard that’s mostly shaded so I have to think “small garden”. Everyone has great ideas that are unique to their needs.  Some friends I follow post just about every garden idea they find in a day.  I enjoy looking through them for ideas but for now just follow their boards while I wait until I have a yard to garden in, big time.   

Word of caution…Pinterest is addicting. You’ll be really tempted to pin just about everything you see, as I’m sure some of the people I follow do, but be restrictive or you’ll be pinning all kinds of things you’ll never use, never make, never need. It’ll just clutter the stuff that’s important. Then you’ll need a board for organization.

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