Happy National Dandelion Day

When was the last time you saw a dandelion? I can’t really remember.

Many people just don’t want them around…dandelions are “weeds”.  But there is really nothing wrong with dandelions.  I’ve always liked them.  As a kid, I’d pull the stem with the puffy seeds and blow them into the wind, probably getting my neighbors mad a me, but it was fun. I would pick the flowers and take them home to my mom for the diningroom table centerpiece. As I got older, my parents would pay me to pluck them from the lawn,  instead of spreading weed killer. I guess over time, weed killer became the thing to use and now dandelions are just a rareity especially in my manicured subdivision.  I just haven’t seen one in my neighborhood.

I saw a youtube video of a lady who gave instruction on how to prepare dandelions for salad. She grew up during the Depression and on the video she talked about her “job” finding as many dandelions on the walk home from school as she could for a great salad feast at dinner.

Well, today is National Dandelion Day.  Rather than writing an essay on the benefits and uses of the dandelion, please go this this well-written website for some great information:  http://www.gone-ta-pott.com/national_dandelion_day.html

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