New Additions to the Garden

This week I added a few things to the garden.  I had ripped out my non-flowering sugar snaps and had a huge garden area to fill (well, it’s really only 1/2 of a 48″ diameter garden).  I did, however, resort to planting in pots but can always transfer something later to the raised bed garden.

I picked up, from Cecil’s garden shop in Fairhope, a Kentucky Colonel Mint plant and stuck it in the window box.  Mint can spread where you don’t want it to so I like to keep it contained.  When we lived in Houston, the house we rented had mint for a backyard…well almost.  Someone living there prior to us had planted some mint next to the patio and it had been overtaking the yard by the time we moved in.  We wacked it back (it was way too leggy and had no taste) and let it grow back to a lush garden.  I love it in my tea and mojitos.  I’m sure it’s good to other things too, such as pest control.  I recently read if you crush the leaves and rub the oils on your pet, it will repell biting insects.  I’ll have to try it and will let you know if it helps my dog with her insect bite problems.

I also bought some Lemon Thyme.  I guess you use it just like regular Thyme (I’ll have to check this out) but it smelled so good I couldn’t resist.  It, too, is in a large pot on the patio since I don’t know how much room it will need and don’t want it overtaking my raised bed garden.

The other addition to the garden is Basil.  It’s been warm enough to keep it outside so I picked up 2 “Bonnie” plants of basil.  If you look at the pots, most contain 4 plants of whatever you are purchasing.  But, if you look carefully, you’ll notice that they Bonnie people didn’t separate them very well and sometimes you can get  more than 4 plants per pot.  I came home with 11 after I separated them.  I placed eight in the raised bed garden between the carrots and the cow peas and put 3 in pots on the patio.  We had a lot of rain this week after I planted them and I’m am so excited to see the Basil grow.  We’re almost totally out of my pesto I made last summer.  Can’t wait to get more fresh pesto into the kitchen.

My onions are growing well and I’ll have to separate them soon.  The ones I bought from the grocery store, chopped and planted the roots, are doing well.  I used some of the new greenery in a dish I made earlier this week.  They’re growing fast.  What a great idea.  I heard you can replant your celery also, so I’ll chop what I have in the refrigerator this weekend and plant the bottom in the raised bed.  Stay tuned to find out what happens.

Meanwhile, my computer crashed a few weeks ago and the computer I’m borrowing is not easy to add pictures to for posting on the blog.  I’ll get some pictures up soon of my garden.


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