Growing Beans

Coming to terms with the fact that my snap peas will not produce, (at 5′ tall and 60 days they have no flowers), I pulled out half. They’re in the compost now.
After moving the trellis to another section of the garden I planted Cow Peas. They’re now covered in a layer of Black Cow and soil. I had 4 Snap Pea seeds left so I placed them near by “as an experiment”.
As for the other half left standing, I’ll wait until I purchase some replacement plants. It’s pretty seeing them standing tall.
For information on growing beans, check out this great website: http://growingtaste.com/vegetables/bean.shtml. If you are growing in Mobile/Baldwin County or our Zone remember to use Bill FInch’s growing wheel for specific plants and grow/sow/harvest dates. That’s where I came up with the idea to plant cow peas.
It’s time for setting out tomatoes and eggplants. This year I’m buying plants rather than sowing from seed so I’m off to the nursery.

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