Gardening February to March

Red and pink are the spring colors here in town.  Azaleas are almost in full bloom (my azaleas are) and all other plants that flower in pink and red are popping.  So, early as it might be, I went and put up my hummingbird feeder.  With all of this red and pink around you just don’t know when a hummer will show up to eat.  After a week, no sign but I’m waiting.

My sugar snaps look so healthy at 4′ tall, although they never flowered.  It’s been over 50 days and I doubt I’ll get any peas.  What a bummer way to start the year gardening.  No winter crops (remember the deer ate everything) and now no peas.  I’ll leave them up another couple weeks just in case my prayers work.  At least I’ve got lettuce, and I’ve kept it growing in a planter box on my window sill so the rabbits can get to it.

Meanwhile, I’ve sown carrots and onions in the ground.  They’re doing great.  In pots, I’ve sown more lettuce, more cilantro, green onion, peppers (green bell and Tabasco), more dill, more arugula and some Fordhook Chard.  My Christmas tree shaped rosemary plant (obviously I got it at Christmas time) has grown a lot.  It’s almost a different shape and filling out.  No bugs yet so I’m trying to use it often.  Last night I made a fresh loaf of bread and mixed some in the dough.  Anyway, the rest of the garden will be in containers and I’ll just purchase the plants when they’re available.  As much as I’d love to have vegetables (other than the few I have), I’m lacking in luck so I’ll stick to the herbs.

We just finished the blueberries I collected last summer from Benita’s orchard.  There’s actually a cup of them left which I’ll use somehow creatively.  I’m hungering for more but will wait patiently.  Strawberries in FL are peaking and I bought some.  We’re loving them but can’t wait for the local strawberries to be available at the local farm markets.  Just like last year, I plan to freeze several pounds of them but also make some jam.

The weeds have taken over my brick patio more than the usual and so I’ve been spending time pulling weeds.  I don’t want weed killer being so close to the vegetable garden but I will have to get something to keep weeds out of the brick.  I keep talking about it but when I’m out running errands I just forget about the weeds. 

Moss has grown all over my patio furniture.  I’ll be cleaning this weekend.

The daffodil bulbs that I got from the city of Fairhope when they were throwing out their bulbs from the last spring have bloomed.  And my milkweed from last year, which died off, is coming back.

And, lastly, the Towhees are back.  I heard, then saw, the pair that usually hang out in my yard just last week and they’ve been here ever since.  I’m glad because that’s been my favorite backyard bird here in Fairhope. 

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