My January Garden

When I returned from Christmas vacation it was New Years weekend. I found that while I was gone, my brussels sprouts and broccoli had been eaten to the ground.  I’m happy the deer were fed well.

Time to start over.

For January, my gardening wheel by Bill Finch,  spoke about sowing tomato, pepper and eggplant inside in addition to planting potatoes and onion sets and sowing peas, beets, turnips, kale and lettuce outside.   Having not worked on the garden in December, I cleared the wreckage from the deer, pulled weeds, fluffed up the soil and removed pine needles that had fallen during the past months.  They’ll still fall as will the Live Oak leaves; it’s that time of year for them to shed.  But on that particular day, the garden was clean.

Bill Finch's Garden Wheel

It was time to plant peas and beans so I bought 50 cents worth (about 100 seeds) of snap peas from Cecil, put up the tomato cages for a trellis and planted the seeds. There are 2 and they are tri-fold. I placed several at the base of each corner of the trellises.  This year I’ll purchase my eggplant plants, peppers & tomato plants and kale plants which will go in around March.  I grew them from seed last year and just don’t want to again.  Ok, maybe peppers.  I saw a great way to plant potatoes: in a plastic garbage bag filled with compost/dirt combination.  I’ll try it as I don’t have very much room in my garden for potatoes.

A day later I caught a squirrel digging up my seeds. I use up-side-down wine bottles in my garden as a water source for butterflies, so taking the bottles, I set a few lengthwise where I sowed the seeds to keep Mr. Squirrel from coming back.  The bottles will be removed once the seeds germinate.

A week later, my seeds started popping up.  Boy, did I go nuts planting them.  There are a ton of sprouts.  Hopefully a good many will continue to grow and provide a bounty of vegetables for my family.  I’d love enough to share with friends so prayers have started.  One year, maybe this year, I’ll have a great crop.

Snap Peas sprouting

In pots around the patio, I’ve planted lettuce, more cilantro, dill and keep my new rosemary plant bug free.  I’m hoping to harvest enough rosemary to dry before the bugs and their stickiness set in this summer. 

I’ll be working on my spring garden plan this week.  Meanwhile, I found this paragraph and quote in the September 2010 Southern Living Magazine, page 77, that I’d like to share.  Senior Writer Steve Bender spoke to me, in particular, when he wrote: “Think small.  Don’t plant more garden than you can handle.”  I don’t have much sunlight in my yard so I have to consider this idea each season, especially my spring garden as the sun shifts.  I’d love a huge garden but need to think small or it won’t work.  Bender continued by adding a quote from a dear friend of his who once said: “Don’t make your garden any bigger than it takes two cocktails to maintain.”  My small 48 inch diameter raised vegetable garden fits the bill.  I’ll think small but I’ll think abundance.

2 thoughts on “My January Garden

  1. I have satsuma tree thr fruit is pretty on the inside but the outside looks like has
    Been burned any ideas?
    I can send pictures

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