Garden Troubles

“The deer ate my garden” ~ Eileen Saunders, gardener (sort of…)

Last night, my dog wasn’t feeling very well so I put her outside around midnight so she could chomp on some grass. She’s kind of like a deer when she doesn’t feel well, eating anything green that tastes good. Actually, she’s quite picky and I’ve decided we must have several types of grass in the yard. She’ll much down some clumps of grass then move on to another part of the yard after sniffing around, passing up others. That’s another story, but last night as I put her outside we saw the deer family.
This morning on my daily garden check I was disturbed to find that the deer had visited my garden. One side was eaten. They got 3 broccoli plants, thankfully sparing the florets on one, 2 brussels sprouts and a head of lettuce.
I have a fence around the garden. It’s 4 feet high. I guess I have to find another fence because they can obviously get their heads through it.
There are plenty of websites, forums and blogs about how to protect your garden but most people complain the ideas just don’t work. I think if I continue to garden, I’m going to put up a lattice fence around the garden with a gate for me to access it. I found plans for one in a magazine years ago. I’m glad I tore out the page and saved it.
I will count my blessings…they left half the garden for me.

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