Battling the Bunnies

I don’t mind feeding others. I’m growing a garden for my family to enjoy but if someone needs to eat my lettuce or brussels sprouts, I’d gladly share. Except when it’s wildlife.

God placed plenty of food on this earth for the rabbits, deer, armadillos, skunks, etc to eat but bunnies didn’t get the memo. They insist on raiding my garden. I did plant some yummy vegetables but they’re not for bunny consumption. I have 2 growing teenaged boys. Ok, lettuce and brussels sprouts are not on the teenaged boy list of gotta-eat-foods, but I’m concerned for their health and nutrition so they’re on my feed-to-the-boys list. I have a “no fear” dinner night so they are, by my law, forced to try new foods. It’s my way of forcing some vitamins into them. And when I keep changing the recipe, it forces more vitamins in them and so I can justify growing something they don’t necessarily like.

I have placed a high fence around the raised bed to deter deer and felt it sufficient to keep rabbits out, too. But when I went outside this morning to water the garden, I saw I needed more fencing. My collards were chewed to nubby stems, one lettuce plant was missing (roots included) and a brussels sprout plant was missing a few leaves. Thankfully, my garden is packed so I don’t feel a heavy loss.

Regardless, they’ve got to respect my efforts to feed my family. They’ve got to learn that fences make great neighbors and neither should violate each other’s space. My veggies don’t get up and terrorize bunnies, so they should mess with my plants.

I’ll continue to grow vegetables but the bunnies will have to find somewhere else to dine.  My garden is closed to the public.

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