September Gardening

I never looked at September as a great time to start a garden until this year. 

The spring garden was fun but a lot of work.  I harvested some great herbs,  two meals of lettuce, a few cherry tomatoes that I netted so the stink bugs would stay away, and a dozen cukes.  But it didn’t do as well as I expected.  It wasn’t that my thumb should have been greener.  I had a fight with the bugs.  They’re tough to deal with down here.  They even got to my rosemary and I’ve had to start over with that plant.  I’ve since learned that the sticky bugs have been showing up just the past 2 years.  Neem or another plant oil should keep them at bay.  I have a new rosemary plant; wish me luck.  For now, I have several months to plan out next year’s spring garden and it will be different and hopefully successful.

My Fall garden consists of Romaine Lettuce, Broccoli, Cilantro.  I missed the sowing dates on Beans and Brussels Sprouts so I’m waiting on them at the nursery.  I still have lots of Basil.

When Tropical Storm Lee came through last weekend, I had a large Home Depot paint bucket in the back yard collecting rain water.  It filled up so I’ll have some good starter water.  I’m not wishing for lots of rain again, but some from time to time would be great so I can keep the bucket full.

I’m looking forward to my new garden and hope that September will be a great garden month here on the coast.

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