Small-Scale Farming

I just finished the book “The Complete Guide to Small-Scale Farming” by Melissa Nelson, D.V.M. The sub-title is “Everything You Need to Know About Raising Beef and Dairy Cattle, Rabbits, Ducks, and other Small Animals.
I am mostly interested in a perspective of raising chickens. Chapter Two started out with vocabulary words, pros of raising chickens, and types of chickens. It tells how to prepare for the baby chicks and setting up a pen, feeding, health care and breeding. We’ve often talked about raising chickens and would really love to but we current rent our home so it’s not possible at this time.
I do recommend this book to anyone interested in the basics of how to raise farm animals. Of course, it would be wise to investigate your interests further.
Although I can’t go out and set up my small farm yet, I did get something great from the book to use now. In the Appendix are instructions/recipes for making butter and making cheese.  Yum.
For now, our small-scale farm will consist of a 48” diameter vegetable and herb garden and a dog. I’ll have to buy my fresh eggs from friends.

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