Oh, deer!!

Two days ago my neighbor was telling me a story about her garden. Her husband had put in three raised beds for vegetables. They planted all the typical spring stuff including crooked neck squash. The squash was growing great, getting big and producing lots of fruit. One morning her husband went out to water the garden. All of the squash plants were nibbled to the stems. Deer!
I haven’t seen deer come through my yard all season. They usually walk through at dawn and dusk but not recently.  I was feeling safe especially since my squash had died a while ago.
This morning I went outside the check on my garden and one of my cucumber plants (the one on the outside of the garden) was eaten to the stem. Can’t blame my dog on this one. It had to be deer.
The rest of my garden is now behind an expandable tomato cage, providing a fence of protection.

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