What to do with Blackberries

I purchased some blackberries at the Farm Market in Fairhope on Thursday. Today is Saturday and some have already molded. Gross. I didn’t know they went bad so quickly so I have to act even quicker today to get them preserved.
I’ve set a few aside to eat after dinner tonight. We’ll top them with fresh whipped cream. I don’t like the cool whip stuff…it’s not real food, so we use the real stuff or a sprinkle of sugar.
The rest will get frozen. I’d rather try making jelly since I already have blueberry jam but I don’t have the time or cheesecloth on hand to strain out the seeds. I’ll try that another day so for now I’ll freeze them using two methods.
One is using a sweetened sugar pack. The sugar will make them syrupy which would be great to eat later, thawed, over ice cream or pound cake.
The other method of freezing is simply dry freezing. You can just put them in the freezer in airtight bags or wash/pat dry first and then freeze them in layers on a cookie sheet before putting them in freezer bags. I’m washing mine first.
The North American Raspberry Blackberry Association has a website with the detailed directions for freezing. They also have a recipe page and events page. There are only 3 events listed right now so mark you calendars if you happen to be in Serbia later this month you can attend a festival. Stateside, they’ll have festivals on the west coast. The website is http://www.raspberryblackberry.com/index.cfm.

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